As a student coming to this event gave me the energy that I needed to push through my last quarter of school. It’s hard to be in a building full of people that aren’t actually practicing chiropractic, aren’t seeing patients, aren’t in the world making it happen. Coming and listening to doctors tell us that they are seeing patients, a LOT of patients and they have been for 15+ years and are making plans to see more was exactly the encouragement that I needed to get my fire lit. Not to mention, any opportunity to pick the brains for the more successful doctors in the field is an amazing opportunity! This is a very unique seminar as well. It’s not the usual rah-rah, it’s tangible information that I can even use in clinic. The round table discussion was great also! Dr. Scholten is the perfect D.J. for the event too, super classy. Will definitely be returning!
– Akala Lemus Life West

Healing occurs in the body in the period when we’re holding adjustments, not during the adjustment. Patients should be thrilled when you tell them you’re not going to adjust them today
– JR

Marketing tools only work for the appropriate audience. Connect the patients with what you do.
– Jamison Wong

I can’t express how valuable this has been.   Not only have I learned a plethora of information but I am motivated to implement what I have learned right away and have renewed confidence in myself and what I do.
– Dr. Abi Longner

It has been wonderful to see the union of upper cervical techniques come together to share business nuggets and support each other in building a business based on the unifying principle.
– Jordan Landholm

I’d like to share that having a successful practice is easy. As a doctor, people are impelled to follow us as long as we speak with compassion, vindication and confidence. Our story makes sense and as long as we can proficiently tell it often and without fear of public opinions we will flourish. We have something that the rest of the world wants, we just need to go out and share it.
– Josh Silver

How to incorporate all the new marketing/ case management strategies into my practice without sacrificing personal ability with each patient and losing technical standards I hold for myself.
– James Weiss

Practice Innovations is a collection of powerful, on-purpose chiropractors ready to turn the world onto upper cervical care and all of the incredible possibilities it provides. – Dr. Justin Brown

Passion, zeal, motivation! There are so many perspectives and all are successful, the concept of cloud dueling stands out most to me.
– Nick Williams

I have been impressed by the vigor, energy and mastery of the presenters and the diversity of the marketing skill and effective story telling of the chiropractic message. I will revise my report of findings Monday morning to reflect the cycle of recovery and the loss of an adjustment from Dr. Yardley.
– RB

Confidence, certainty and being principled is the only way to go. It is the foundation! Everything will follow. Not about the ‘what’, but about the ‘why’! – Armen Manoucherian

It requires personal conviction and patient conversion to be successful in practice.
– Tyler Ryan

The quality of information is excellent, the speakers and attendees are very generous with their information and very willing to help each other
– C.H.

I learned that I need to work on increasing retention in my office though better systems of communicating the need of long term care.
– Drew Hall

Branding – Using things to speak to the reptilian brain.
– Drew Hall

I will share with my classmates more info on how to give a health talk and the importance of identifying a target market. Practice Innovations = Awesome
– Steph Williams

Surround yourself with success and you are instantly exponentially more successful.
– Ankur Tayal D.C.

Best of the best information to take a student into practice or take a brand to the world.
– Cliff Fisher

You can’t afford not to be here! The information I got this weekend will set my marketing schedule for the next year
– John Kowalczyk

Practice Innovations was a fast paced, relevant conference. It had topics I can incorporate the second I start Monday morning.
– TS

I learned the impact and responsibility we have for taking this message to the public. It is about them!   I learned not to limit the power of what we can do to help them.
– Justin Keffer

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.
– Scott Gamm

Being at Practice Innovations put my chiropractic mindset right on track! I’ve got tons of valuable information on how to communicate what we specifically do without being corrupted by a symptom-based model.
– Dr. Christiane Gendron

Practice Innovations was a tremendous experience. It was a privilege to present to my peers about dinner lectures and how to serve more patients. I will take back how to do a ladies night out event.
– George Gertner

I’m going to get my offices on www.clouddueling.com for in-house events. Create a higher level of care for employees. Put important dates on my calendar.
– Michael L.

It was a great opportunity to see what other practice visions are.   Thinking outside of the box opportunity. This Practice Innovation will make a difference in the practice and I’m excited about it!!! Better realize the importance of you work when introducing a new patient to your practice. You are it for them, it you don’t tell them that, you are telling them a lie of omission. Tell the truth, save a life, family, community.
– Jamie Kaszer

I’m going to become a goal setter. I’m going to plan a patient dinner.
– Dr. Frandsen

I will go back to my practice with added tools, confidence and passion to serve my community with the Power of Upper Cervical.
– Tym Flory

The power in numbers- knowing there are a large number of chiropractors with highly successful upper cervical practices. You are not alone and can build a strong support network to hinge your success on!  
– Lila Baker

You need to get over the fear you may have about putting yourself out there and replace it with a new passion to simply share the message.
– Dr. Matthew Kittleson

Many different perspectives on approaching marketing and business and how to tailor it to each individual practitioner and his/her practice.
– Kim Shiplet

Seems obvious but to impact people you need to get in front of them. Get in a room full of peole and tell the chiropractic truth.
–Ryan Yates

Surround yourself with some of the biggest thinkers in upper cervical care. The growth of your practice starts in your mind. Think big at Practice Innovation.
– Larry Arbeitman